Thanks VJH

Resident appreciates the care he received at the local hospital

Over the past year, I have spent considerable time in our local Vernon Jubilee Hospital in the operating room and in 3-West, which seems to be surgery recovery. We are so fortunate to have the medical staff they have in that hospital and on that particular floor.

The nurses on this particular floor are just super and so efficient. They certainly looked after me while I was there for several days recovering from the surgery.

There is  a particular surgeon by the name of Dr. Kevin Wiseman, who is a master with the surgical knife, or is it called a scalpel?  He certainly looked after me extremely well. I am most grateful to Dr. Wiseman and his work.

The other important part of my stay at VJH, as I mentioned, was the nursing staff on 3-West, under the supervision of Maggie Schneider. Maggie and her crew, which includes a male nurse by the name of Wes — I remember him because he discharged me with some extra dressings and how to use them when I left the hospital — were all a super crew of nurses.

I also must mention that the food was excellent and always hot and tasty.

Thank you all up at Vernon Jubilee Hospital. Ya done good.


Dan Dally