The ‘A’ word

I, for one, have to agree with the letter entitled ‘The ‘A’ word resurfaces.’

If one looks at the area surrounding the city of Vernon one can see that a city with light industry and urban areas has evolved outward from the downtown area.

It would seem to make sense that the city limits evolved in a similar fashion but that does not seem to be the case.

To me expanded city boundaries, which include the larger urban areas presently outside Vernon boundaries, would make sense.  Obviously there would be taxation issues with such a realignment which would need to be worked out fairly.

With some objective people involved, why wouldn’t that be possible? It is time to look towards the future rather than trying to hold onto a system that may have worked well in the past but in many ways is ineffective in the present.

I live in Coldstream and I have a great deal of difficulty relating to the slogan “Rural Living at Its Best” since I live in a strictly urban area of the municipality and all of the shopping and public facilities I use are in Vernon or elsewhere.

Merrill Myers