The power of words

Words we choose have significant impact, says columnist

The words we choose when we think, when we talk, impact our bodies with the same meaning that the words imply.

So, if you are thinking negative thoughts, you may feel the impact of those negative thought-words, even if they are directed to another situation or person. They originate in you and have to pass through your mind before they are given away to another.

As you are thinking the words of anger, or jealousy or of judgment, you are bringing negative energy inside your own body impacting you physiologically and psychologically. It is the mind-body connection that we now know can make you unwell.

The University of Maryland hooked students up to biofeedback machines and then monitored the students when they watched a violent movie. Their blood vessels constricted. (thus making it more difficult for blood to pass through to body organs) When they monitored these same students while watching a comedy, their laughter made their blood vessels dilate, allowing more blood to flow through their veins.

It makes sense doesn’t it? I mean, look at the face of someone when they are angry, the muscles are tightened and they look tense. Look at the face of someone who is laughing and you see someone who is relaxed and joyful. This is the power of words in action.

If you are thinking unkind thoughts about someone, this thought energy has to first manifest itself in your own physicality. Think about the last time you thought something negative about another and try to remember how you felt as you were thinking these thoughts. It isn’t a feel-good kind of brain activity is it?

It draws unhappiness, sadness and negative energy towards you, as well as being directed to the other person. This is sometimes where repetitive negative thinking can start. (Like a gerbil in an exercise wheel)

TV news can make us feel like we are being bombarded with an issue. The words may create fear and anxiety. Our minds take on a pattern of thought when we hear the same words being used repetitively. Soon, our own thought processes start to repeat issues in our own lives, over and over again, just like the TV newscasts.

There is a way to prevent all this from happening. It requires constant awareness and mindfulness of our thoughts and words that originate in our brain. We are in charge of this area.

It would serve us well to learn that we are only as happy as the thoughts in our own mind. We do not have to allow others entry into this sacred space (our mind), unless of course, they are a healthy visitor.

I challenge you to take control of your thoughts and help to create a more loving and gentle world. Say something positive to everyone you meet today, tomorrow and the days after that.

If you don’t have the opportunity to say it to someone, then think it. Intentionally send out positive thoughts. Look for and acknowledge the good, as it creates a wonderfully productive energy.

Many prophets of different religions have said for years that we should only do to others what we would like done to us. The “doing” requires thought and this requires words and words have power.

Choose your words with kindness.

Carole Fawcett is a, freelance writer/editor and humourist.