The problem with drugs

In The Morning Star a letter was posted entitled "Legalizing Drugs.

In The Morning Star a letter was posted entitled “Legalizing Drugs.” The letter spoke of the idea to legalize drugs because it appears to be the better thing to do in light of the crime generated and deaths caused by it, in particular the death of an unnamed person by a bike gang. The writer believes that legalization would generate more tax revenue, reduce law enforcement costs and used the example of the liquor prohibition of the ’30s where its legalization has apparently resolved the criminal element.

Unfortunately this is far from the truth.

First, the legalization of liquor did not remove criminals from it. For example, liquor is till being stolen and sold on the black market because of the “taxes” the government places on it. People buy the stolen liquor at the fraction of the (taxed) cost and that is clear profit for crime. The problem was not resolved, it was just shifted and diversified.

The main premise for crime is the easy money and fast profit for little work and little cost. Criminals do not pay taxes and that is how Al Capone got jailed.

Further, what of the legal liquor cost of alcoholism? The cost to families, society in terms of Medicare and social costs? Police are no longer dealing with prohibition violations, they have been dealing with liquor-related offences that dearly cost taxpayers and even cost lives, as in  drunk drivers causing death by four wheels. The problem did not go away, its face only changed. If criminals did not abuse it, the general public always will and legalizing only increases that potential of abuse in some form.

Look at the exchange needle program, which in my view, is one of the scourges of society. The idea is to reduce crime involved with illegal drug use and reduce disease that goes with it because of dirty needles and apparently reduce publicly discarded needles. Think now, of yourself giving a clean needle to someone where you know you are encouraging the complete destruction of that person’s life and soul and encouraging that person to draw someone’s son or daughter into the “trade” because that addict needs money to buy their own drugs. All because his or her addictive (abusive) behavior was encouraged by free needles since the risk of their destructive behaviour is reduced. The idea of justification that “they are going to do it anyway” is a serious failure in society to take responsibility for what society promoted in the first place.

Have you seen the effect of these drugs on a person over time? There is a destruction of life from the mind to the body, to such an extent it is like watching the walking dead. The person may not get diseases from a “clean” needle, but the drug itself collapses the body’s ability to cope with disease and that person risks infection anyway, not mentioning how drugs collapses a person’s ability to function in life. Drug addicts are one of the most prone to disease simply because of the effect of drugs on their life and the lifestyle it promotes.

Keep in mind, there is no repair to their minds and bodies because there is a point of no return, be it illegal or not. Some drugs are addictive on first try or in a short time. Is this something you want to encourage? We may not be able to stop someone choosing to destroy themselves, but I will not be part of any program or idea that supports or encourages their destruction.

Keeping drugs illegal is not the whole resolution, but until society and people learn how to stop promoting poor behavior and thinking, there must remain consequences to the destructive nature of drugs and even alcohol, because if being illegal has saved your son or daughter from taking it, then it has served a good and grand purpose. It may not save everyone, but it is a blessing to those it keeps safe and to me that is worth the effort to police it and pay that cost because the alternative is a cost far greater than you can imagine.

Money and property is replaceable, but a life and all that it is blessed with, is not.

Mark Warbinek