The royal we

Resident wants seniors in the community treated with respect

“We” recently attained the age of 90 and so feel entitled to a brief comment. However, as Queen Victoria is reported to have said, “we are not amused” – not always. Sometimes indeed, like Queen Elizabeth the first, “We do thinke foule scorn.”

“We” note that most seniors, whatever their mental state, are often assumed to be senile?

They are expected to smile brightly through their arthritis and rattling kidney stones or other ailments while their misguided juniors assume a special little baby voice and utter such ungrammatical inanities as, “How are we this evening, sweetie?”

This is quite common among those serving the public.

I counsel all seniors when addressed this way to answer firmly but politely, “Us is good thank you, and how is they?”

This can be quite effective.

Meanwhile for those culprits who like to address their seniors as “we,” let me say to them: “We will probably be there too one day, won’t we sweeties?”


James Seaton