Theft concerns

Residents urged to be active and join the fight against crime

We hear in the news that crime is up in Vernon, but break-and-enters seem to be increasing at an exponential rate. As a pawn shop clerk in Vernon, I see this increase everyday.

My last shift at work was particularly concerning. All staff spent the first four hours of the day receiving calls from victims of break-and-enters, collecting detailed descriptions of stolen items and the police files associated with them.

The file numbers indicate that not only is crime up from last year, but it is increasing from month to month as well.

With staffing shortages, I am sure there is only so much the police can do, but we, as Vernon residents, can take a number of steps to protect ourselves from theft.

As a preventative measure, you can do the following: keep all doors and windows locked at all times, even windows on the second and third floors.

Do not let strangers, or friends of friends into your house unless you continuously watch them or lock your valuables in a safe or separate room. Make a detailed list of all your jewelry, including photos, weights, and karats, or better yet, get appraisals done.

Write down model and serial numbers for all of your electronics, tools, instruments, etc. Appraisals and serial numbers identify your item without a shadow of a doubt.

If you are the victim of a break-in, it’s a good idea to do the following as soon as you notice your items are gone.

First, phone the police and get a file number. Give them as detailed a description of your items as possible.

Second, once you obtain your file number, call your local pawn shops. Don’t wait. The sooner you call us with your file number and description, the greater the likelihood that we will be able to get your things back to you.

Third, call the community police volunteers in nearby cities like Kelowna. They can check the pawn reports of those cities once they have your description and police file number.

This city’s pawnbrokers do their due diligence by providing detailed reports to the police every week, but these reports are wasted if you do not do your part by filing.

Please help us catch thieves, and stop them from doing this to others.


Tanya Kuz