Think of the elderly

Resident expresses concerns about the health care system in the country

Will you care for your parents when they need you?

I know many seniors in facilities that rarely see their family. Maybe you’re just too busy with your job and your kids.

And when you do see them, it can be rather unpleasant because they are often miserable and complain about everything.

And what do they have to complain about?

Don’t they have medical professionals at their beck and call?

No. In many facilities they do not. Government facilities have insufficient staff and services such as therapy, due to a lack of funding. Whereas, many privately owned facilities neglect our seniors.

After all, their investors are expecting those large dividends. And this government allows this “business of neglect” by refusing to enforce adequate standards of care.

My research has proven that the senior health care system has been going downhill for years.

What level of care will the system provide for you in the future?

The citizens of this province must stop this decline, now.

Our future depends upon the protest that we make, now. We must raise our voices to a level that can no longer be ignored by this government. Anyone with a personal account of abuse or neglect of a loved one in a facility, can make a difference by emailing me their story which I will forward to the government.

Please remember that children learn by example.

If they see that you have not taken the time to protect your loved ones, will they protect you?

Judy Galley