Thinking ahead

Letter writer pushes for alternative methods to protect environment and stimulate economy

Scott Anderson, pipeline jobs are not sustainable or long-term and there are no proper environmental controls that can handle a pipeline of this magnitude through steep mountainous terrain.

The tar sands are the biggest blight on this earth, the only home we have.

Is that the kind of economic growth we want?

To continue on with a fossil fuel-based economic plan is killing this beautiful earth and when she is dead so are we. Human greed for bigger, faster, more, is killing us.

We can create thousands of jobs by investing in renewable energy,. Let’s turn those blue-collar jobs into new green-collar jobs.

We have so much going for us with agriculture, forestry and fisheries, but they will only sustain us if we respect them and stop selling off our raw resources.

Lets see more products labelled “Made In Canada.”

Get more cars and trucks off the roads by expanding passenger rail and modernize the freight. I could go on, but there is a green plan and it is all written out for you to read. It’s a good plan.

Karen Durant