Thinking of students

Armstrong-Spallumcheen Environment Trust helps students go to college

My mind is often on the plight of students today.  We are in a complicated world these days, I will guess most everyone agrees. If I were young today, I believe I would be enticed to take the easy path to a high-paying job at the oil patch for example. I still could be drawn away from a college education by a simpler earning-power job or what may appear as an easier path. And of course not all of us should go to college. A construction job or the like is what we may feel is most doable or more within a realm of reality.

But when I notice a brilliant student emerge from the crowd, choosing to pass by the easy path, my interest gets piqued.  The year 2011 /12 produced two winners at Pleasant Valley Secondary School in Armstrong.

They each won $1,000 from the Armstrong-Spallumcheen Environmental Trust (ASET). They will both attend our local college working in water quality and related planet health learning. Join me in wishing them the best possible experience ahead.

As students find a path and perhaps encounter the need for further assistance, ASET will help again pending ability.  Some years, there are no competitors, leaving us at ASET with the option of some available further monetary support. All supports come from this community which proves you in this community believe young people can use all the help we can give. They are our future, plain and simple.

If you agree with all or even most of the above, why not join our movement toward change for the better?  We need new members. That need does not fade.

The Township of Spallumcheen, in celebrating its 120th anniversary of incorporation, has donated a one time $1,000 bursary toward our cause. This is wonderful news. All local support must remain as the past proves.

We meet the second Wednesday of every month at the Armstrong-Spallumcheen Chamber of Commerce at 7 p.m.  Come and join us and see what great new things are going to happen to help students help themselves within the school system. Come and be a role model for a young person’s future for a healthy planet, healthy people and healthy community.

David R Derbowka

Chairperson, ASET