Throw no stones

Writers call for letter writer to measure up to God's words...

Some opinions in The Morning Star are not ‘2012’. We live in a progressive age of adaption.

The world is in tragedy; world weather, trauma, friends are losing their homes, and yet some people still choose to negatively focus on things that do not affect them directly. V. VanBeelen’s letter to the editor regarding Brian Webb aspiring to Mr. Gay Canada was unnecessary. I appreciate everyone is entitled to opinion, but if it affects no one but you, be silent.

I ask V.VanBeelen if he/she asks every professional they deal with what their sexual orientation is. If so, you might find your services in health care, landscaping, accounting, snow removal etc… rather limited. You have no idea who you are surrounded by, and probably for the better.

Brian was quoted in his original article by saying “I hope that my nomination will inspire youth in the Okanagan to trust and believe in who they are, build their confidence to follow their dreams and trust that there is an entire community rallying behind them.”

He was referring to HIS community of caring and open minded people who appreciate his dedication to being a solid citizen in all respects. He did not ask for support from anyone who does not know him, or respect his aspirations.  Or respect his commitment to solid values, good health, and acceptance of opinions like yours for that matter.

What is a crime, sadly is someone of ‘ill heart’.  A person’s sexuality does not fall into that category.  If I were to fall, have a purse stolen, or even need a door opened, Brian would be right by my side, regardless of my presentation…That’s what I wish for this planet. People choose to participate or not. ‘Choice’ being the operative word.

So measure yourself up to God’s word: Throw no stones. God loves everyone – can you?

Elspeth Manning

Dena Sharkey