Time for a change

Resident expresses his concerns about climate change

The environment is the most important thing we have to consider when we make decisions for the future.

Decisions like Site C, fracking LNG, pipelines for dirty fossil fuel and the transportation of those fuels on our waterways are for corporate reasons only.

The Christy Clark government has not taken any environmental concerns on these topics.

Why? Because they are the corporate government.

It will cost $9 billion for Site C and then we, the taxpayer, get to subsidize this electricity that is being produced for the fracking of LNG.

Our energy of the future needs to be clean. Fossil energy of any type is not clean.

Why are the Liberals not considering subsidizing growth industries like solar and wind technology? Because they are the corporate government.

We, as an electorate, need to take back control of our destiny and not leave it in the hands of the corporate MLAs.

Change is needed in B.C.

Chuck Johnson