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Resident raises concerns about Vernon relocating the visitor information booth

It is time for this council to wake up for a remedial math and logics class.

The idea to move the tourist info centre from the highway entrances to our city defies logic and is mathematically flawed.

The council wants to spend $300,000 to save $60,000 to $70,000 a year. Simple math shows that this folly will take five years to amortise, and that is the case if all goes exactly as planned. This will be an albatross around the neck of the citizenry for at least 10 years and show no benefit.

This proposed move is so illogical. There is comfortable parking and easy access at the south end of town and a visitor can stop there and find out what we have to offer.

By the time they struggle through our congested core, all they would want to do is get out. To say that the proposed location is within walking distance of shops and services is ludicrous. I’d defy  a senior to carry home packages purchased downtown along the six city blocks back to the centre.

Why not save the $300,000 and spend some money on amenities that make our visitors more welcome? For example, Funtastic brings thousands of visitors to our region and do we do anything to welcome  them or thank them for visiting.

Why not festoon the downtown area with banners welcoming our visitors, have the Sunshine Festival downtown during Funtastic week, and maybe even close off the downtown main street for the weekend of celebration, farmers markets, and other festivities?

Give the people a reason to come downtown. All of the information would be available to them as they enter town, close to the main Funtastic activities. That will not cost $300,000 and would likely generate revenues for both the merchants and the city.


Gary Cooper




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