Traffic light needed

Resident upset that Stickle plan could impact wetland park

My dogs and I walk the Allan Brooks trail on lower BX Creek nearly every day. Myself and many others observe a surprising amount of wildlife here daily in a peaceful natural setting.

I’m gobsmacked at the thought of spending taxpayers dollars to bulldoze and pave this wonderful wildlife corridor.

Planners say this is necessary so a traffic light won’t have to be installed on Highway 97 at Stickle Road, yet it cost taxpayers nothing to keep and enjoy the lower BX Creek and Allan Brooks trail as is.

There’s roughly 230 new houses to be built on both sides of this trail and only one park/playground as yet.

This area on lower BX Creek is irreplaceable and worth so much more than another through road for motorists to race back and forth.

Put the light in and leave BX Creek alone.

D. Hopkins