Traffic trouble

Highway 97 drive to Kelowna from Vernon proves to be a light-filled nightmare for one couple.

Oh, my goodness! You wouldn’t believe what me and the missus went through the other day.

We’ve been to Kelowna on the odd occasion but only by the back way, Glenmore Road.

This time we decided to be adventurous and take the Hwy 97. Never again. No sooner did we leave Winfield we were screaming along at 90 kmph. Not even two kilometres later and there was a traffic light.

And it was red. If not for the flashing advance warning light and all the other vehicles’ brake lights, I’m sure there would have been numerous rearenders and all the carnage resulting from that.

We safely came to a stop and took a deep breath, thankful for our good luck. Once the light turned green we were off again at that breakneck speed until we came to the airport intersection.

Lo and behold the whole scenario repeated itself, but once again we survived. I can’t understand how those commuters put up with these life and death situations every day. It must be very stressful for the commuters and their families wondering if that knock on the door will come from the RCMP telling the family the bad news of the senseless loss of their loved one. That’s the last time I will take the most dangerous road in the valley. I’m sticking to Glenmore Road.

Finally, I must thank the Ministry of Highways for sticking to their guns and not bringing this carnage and death to our very own Stickle Road intersection. Good on yah. You’ve got my vote.

Len Ganz, Vernon