Tragic accident

Resident urges people to take action to protect bears

On the evening of May 23 in Enderby a shot was fired, killing an innocent bear.

Please keep your garbage in a shed or in your house.

Bears are smart and can easily get into a garbage can. I keep any smelly food waste in my freezer and put it out on garbage day.

It took one officer to shoot the bear and two to drag it out of the neighbour’s backyard. It was very upsetting and I paced the floor faster when I heard laughter coming from the group on the corner standing around the dead bear. It was not a laughing matter.

I do not know why they felt they had to shoot the bear. I was too upset to ask.

The toll free number for the conservation officer is 1-877-952-7277.

Please stop killing the bears and take care of your garbage.

Karen Durant