Resident concerned about a new trade agreement for Canada

Finance Minister Bill Morneau, the Trans-Pacific Partnership is an effort designed by our southern neighbour to rescue its bankrupt economy at the expense of its trading partners, in the guise of free trade.

When you consider their trade and budget deficits and active debt, together with their unfunded liabilities, and the gargantuan value of the derivative bets entered into by their major banks (close to $1 quadrillion), it is only a matter of time before their economy collapses and brings us down with it unless we prepare adequately.  The TPP is designed to the sole advantage of their economy and will only serve to delay, rather than prevent its collapse.

The TPP will strangle our economy in particular, and that of the other participants as well, in all likelihood.  It seems to me we are being bullied into participating, but we should all resist, and delay until the TPPs demise.

All I can say is, “Do not sign.”

Charles Wills