Transit depot

Re: Transit Picks Up Park Depot in April 20 Morning Star.

I can’t believe the vision of the Vernon council. It’s time to make a stand. In fact, I may lie down in front of the bulldozers as they try to remove those 70-year-old maples on 31st Avenue.

1) The Cenotaph Park is a green space. This was supposed to link up to the city hall/library/clock open space. You are going to put a line of buses directly in this pathway?

2) Trees are vital to the health of us and our planet. You want to get rid of our oldest and still vibrantly healthy – at 70 years – trees in our green space?

3) Many other areas can serve as transit depots at that end of town. Council, pick any other area. For example: east of the train station. Can’t people walk over to the green spaces from the transit stop instead of tramping directly onto the grass and wearing it down?

As I head towards my 70 years on this earth, I wonder what council has in store for me?

Pat McAllister