Transit issue remains unresolved

Resident says there needs to be more focus on public transportation

We have heard so much about Stickle Road, the airport and rainbow crosswalks. I realize these are very important issues but so is the transit system in our town.

This affects many locals, including our seniors and handicapped people with walkers, wheelchairs and canes. It seems that our transit system has changed and now the above people have to arrange for alternate transportation or not venture out at all.

One stop in point is the Village Green Centre. The bus stop was changed from dropping off and picking up passengers from the food court entrance to a bus stop on 48th Avenue. We were told upon numerous enquiries that it was only temporary and to be patient.

I am sorry to inform you that winter is on its way and it still hasn’t been altered.

What happens in the winter when riders of the transit system have to try and go out on the roadway to walk the block to the mall entrance? No sidewalk is available on that side and it is very dangerous to try and maneuver our way when it’s dry, let alone when the roadway is snowy and icy. Falls are waiting to happen.

We were told that this stop was unsafe because the bus had to make a complete turn to exit the mall again.

I don’t understand this excuse because there is an alternate route to take that is safe and usable as other mall traffic uses it safely and legally.

I know of several people who have stopped going to the mall because the bus service is limited. This is a shame because it is an important part of people’s lives to be social and that is a segment of that.

I never thought I would see the day when something like this would happen. Where is the common sense?

I thought the public transit system was for the people. What happened?

Judy Albrecht