Transit service a concern

Resident wants bus to return to Village Green Centre

I would seriously like to voice my opinion regarding the transit system stopping the bus service to the Village Green Centre.

I am a senior who has had a stroke and am confined to a wheelchair. I live in a seniors complex and I use transit to do my shopping, banking and just general socializing. I do most of this at the Village Green Centre.

I enjoy these outings and it’s a great part of my daily routine. I was using the above mode of transportation one day in February and all was going well until I exited the bus.

The driver pulled away and I proceeded to head for the mall entrance, which is now a good block away.

The tire on my wheelchair became stuck in the snow and sludge, and I proceeded to get into a precarious state.

Unable to budge myself, some nice passersby stopped their vehicles and got me back on track so I could proceed to the mall entrance. A big thank you to those who assisted me. It was gratefully appreciated.

I guess my point is, this would not have happened if the bus stop went to the mall as it used to do for years. I don’t know why it changed but it sure has altered my way of living and not for the better.

Elsie Morrison