Transit should think teenagers

We all anticipated this fantastic new transit schedule that was unveiled in April

We all anticipated this fantastic new transit schedule that was unveiled in April, only to find out that out of the only two bus routes in Coldstream, one had been cancelled and the other had been taken down from a round trip every hour to a round trip every hour and 15 minutes.

When bus drivers are asked by passengers to request the next bus to wait (I believe it is called requesting a transfer), too many times the drivers never put in the request.

If I only had a dime for every time my daughter called me to come pick her up in Vernon because a transfer wasn’t requested.

What’s the point of a bus system if I have to drive from Coldstream to Vernon to pick up a stranded kid every time a bus driver doesn’t call ahead?

Perhaps bus drivers in Vernon and Coldstream do not feel the need to follow the actual schedule. On several occasions, they have driven past the bus stop early, so once again, I am driving into town because of a missed bus.

If the schedule says they are going to be there at 9:23 a.m., that is when they should arrive, not sooner. In Vancouver, you can guarantee that the bus will show up when expected, almost to the minute.

If they can do that in a busy town, why can’t bus drivers do that here?

My daughter attended Okanagan College last year.

To be at class on time, she usually left two hours in advance just in case the driver didn’t request a transfer.

Buses also stop running at 6 p.m. which left us no choice but to pick her up when classes completed at 9 p.m.

Once again, what’s the point of a bus system if I still need to pick up a stranded kid?

There are several more problems with this bus system but I think you get the point.

It is unreliable and works on a ridiculous schedule.

The city of Vernon should start thinking about better ways to improve the bus system.

With it getting more expensive for people to own a car and the government making it more difficult for teens to get a driver’s license, we should start adapting the bus routes to the people that use them the most, teenagers.

All they are asking for is a bus to be able to get them to work on time, even on Sundays, to school or maybe even a movie.

I leave with a comment by a woman that I saw on the news a few weeks ago.

She was complaining that because of budgets cuts to the Vancouver transit system, she was going to have a tough time getting to work since the bus would only be going past her house every half-hour instead of every 15 minutes.

It’s a good thing she doesn’t live here.

Susan Prince