Resident concerned about the future of the transit system in Vernon

I have been reading about possible cutbacks in the Vernon transit budget. I would like to suggest that we remove those large buses and use them where they are needed, mostly between Vernon and Kelowna, in getting the kids to the  college.

I understand that those buses are usually overcrowded and some people have to stand the whole way which is not very safe. By walking around town, I see the local buses driving around the city all hours of the day, with one or two riders on them. This can not be making any money. Also, the drivers are having a tough time navigating the new smaller roads in town.

How about getting some smaller buses, like the handyDart that uses way less fuel and could result in a more efficient transit service, that can run more often and on more routes.

A lot of other cities are using them very efficiently.

Kurt Amsler