Resident urges others to pick up their garbage in the community

I totally support David Gregory’s letter on garbage concerns.

I was taught at a very early age by my parents to stuff my garbage into my pockets if there was no alternative. Of course my garbage wasn’t sticky, however, I am so grateful for their teaching. It bothers me to hear of schools and other places having clean-up days. What is wrong with teaching children not to throw garbage down in the first place?

If this happened, clean-up days would no longer be necessary. Littering is an offence and learning to look after our beautiful Earth is an important life skill. We all need to remember the importance of leaving a place in better shape than we found it.

Times have changed and in many ways for the better. We now have plastic bags for garbage use and lots of garbage containers around the city.

We all need to step up as mentors and teach our children respect, especially at an early age. Children also need to be recognized for their efforts. Remember, it takes a village to raise a child.

Patricia Hesketh