Travellers win

Packaged travel and air travel within Canada benefit from switch back to GST

In recent articles about the change from the harmonized sales tax to the goods and services tax, there was often a list of goods and services that will benefit due to the lower tax but one big ticket item that is often overlooked is packaged travel and air travel within Canada.

For example, flights within Canada will charge only five per cent GST instead of HST making travel within Canada cheaper for B.C. consumers.

In addition, we have re-priced all Wells Gray Tours packages in Canada leaving from April 1 onwards and there are some huge savings.

The price for our Maritimes and Newfoundland tour, for instance, has dropped $400 per person due to charging only five per cent GST.

The savings are not quite as good for travel within B.C. as the hotel tax of eight per cent will be implemented. Tours to the U.S., international tours and cruises are not affected as HST was never charged on those services.

B.C. residents now have another good reason to take a tour of our own country.

Roland Neave, President,

Wells Gray Tours