Treatment facility

Resident supports John Howard Society's facility in the Harwood area

I live a few short blocks from the site of John Howard Society’s new treatment facility on 43rd Avenue and am in full support that this project goes ahead.

The main reason being that addiction is a serious and prevalent issue in our society and there is a huge need for treatment and rehabilitation options.

The fact that the John Howard Society is increasing services to our small community is something to be commended.

Community members who oppose this idea may want to consider that a treatment centre that is staffed by professionals is a better option for the surrounding neighbourhood than a crack house. The John Howard Society provides a crucial service that saves the lives of people with serious addiction issues, and they need our continued support.

We cannot assume that people with addiction automatically will commit criminal acts or pose a threat to the community.

Addiction generally stems from some form of life trauma, abuse, mental health issue and a myriad of other life events that may have been unavoidable.

Again thank you to the John Howard Society for providing this vital service to the community in which we live.

Judy Shirley