Trees uprooted

Resident angered over trees being cut down on Vernon's 30th Avenue

Re: Morning Star, “Trees uprooted for revitalization.” March 27 will remain a day of infamy  in memory here.

Vernon city powers sacrificed  enormous, majestic trees — symbols of civic beauty, a worldwide tourist draw, and needed for great air-cleaning value — in the name of, what was that, — revitalization.

Look at other communities.

In the 1970s, Victoria’s Shelbourne Street was folded into a new artery  to the city centre.

That huge effort flattened buildings and carved out new roads.

Still, saving countless trees was deemed essential.

In Kimberley, four decades of downtown tree-planting has about a 10 per cent success rate, as the party crowd loves to snap trunks too small for self-protection.

A sapling may survive and grow for years, then fall victim in seconds.

We need a short-sightedness citation to the folks responsible for this travesty.

Next we’ll see them fighting for peace.

Arne Sahlen