Tronson closure

Yet another closure of Tronson Road June 24 for a race/triathlon. We, the residents who live on Tronson Road, are fed up with these closures.

Why, oh why, is it always Tronson Road that is the designated freeway for do-gooders to inflict their charity du jour on those of us whose only access is this very busy road? What is wrong with using the new Okanagan Rail Trail? Or the oval at the college? Lake access is available on those venues just as well as on Kin Beach.

Last year, this race caused all sorts of complications, especially for those with limited mobility issues or medical conditions and can not oblige the organizers by parking elsewhere, using bicycles or walking. There are many seniors who live on Tronson that need access via auto and cannot accommodate the racing co-ordinator’s hours of leaving their homes prior to 8 a.m. or after 11:45 a.m.

I have tried to contact the issuer of the permit to block off this road at city hall, to no avail. None of us were contacted to give input into this closure.

Obviously, these permits are given out by someone at the city without any thought as to how they will impact the very users of this road.

While I, and many others appreciate the intent of these races, there are many other roads more suitable for their activities than Tronson. Please take your races to other, less travelled streets.

Penny Coon