Trump protests missing the mark

Resident questions local rallies against Donald Trump

I used to get really upset. Now I just laugh and shake my head a little.

It is bad enough that we get subjected to some of the stuff in our newscasts, but to have the local television station advertise a Trump rally in Kelowna is just insulting.

Are there that many Canadians who are so dumb as to think they actually have a voice about American politics?

Maybe they should get a hobby or how about move to the U.S. so you have a voice?

We cannot influence our own politicians.

We cannot solve local issues like Stickle Road, to Christy Clark and her dictatorial attitude and beating down teachers for the past 14 years, paying ridiculous rates to ICBC, to Justin putting our great, great grandchildren into overwhelming debt.

Go ahead, add to the list.

So why do some people think, that by making a fuss about the president of another country, will have any effect, even if it was any of their business. The U.S. is another country people.

Why don’t those same people also protest about England leaving the EU, or try telling Assad to stop bombing Syria?

Hey, why not tell Putin to get out of Ukraine? See where it gets you.

If you are going to protest and complain do it locally about issues that make our country better.

Paul Elmont