Turn off those ignitions please

Resident supports city's bylaw targeting the idling of vehicles

I tried reading a recent letter captioned, “Forget about the idling bylaw” but I found  I was overcome with thoughts of how short-sighted and narrow-minded it was.

Yes, the letter had lots of monetary reasons not to have such a bylaw.

And there seems to be a feeling that our already busy bylaw enforcement have nothing better to do but stand around and wait for a vehicle/driver to go over the maximum idling time.

I walk for about half an hour for exercise everyday. And during that time, I can count on passing at least one vehicle, be it a sedan or pickup truck, that has been left parked and running (sometime soccupied, sometimes not) for well over 10 to 15 minutes.  I think those offenders are the obvious targets of this bylaw.

Having lived in southeastern Ontario for many long and very cold winters, I learned (mostly from media and bylaw regulations) that the best way to warm up a car, is to drive it. Are you going to pass out if you have to get into a cold car?

That is when a toque, gloves and putting on a coat, and zipping it up, is in order. Are foggy windows a big problem? An in-car, plug-in  heater works fine. If your vehicle has a two-way radio, it only needs power to transmit, not to receive. Let your battery take up that slack. That is why it’s there.

Shutting off the engine, leaving the windows closed and turning off the AC when you wait to pick up the kids won’t melt you. Your kids are resilient enough to wait until you drive away for the AC or the heater to kick in.  If you can’t afford the fine, don’t waste the time. That sounds like a solution.

And gas is not getting any cheaper every time I look. The long-run aspect is that the tons of emissions being dumped into the atmosphere by internal combustion engines may well impact our health care system, and we will all pay for that like it or not.


J. Raikes