Turning Point

Large central banks are at the root of the world's economic and financial problems

People worldwide are beginning to become aware that the large central banks are at the root of the world’s economic and financial problems.

This is a large part of the impetus that has brought a wide diversity people into the streets of cities all around the world in occupation demonstrations.

These mass movements are the beginning of a revolution that, barring state repression, will bring the corrupt banking and economic systems down.

But it won’t be easy to create a peaceful revolution. The elites, with the help of their mass media minions and other minions, will use various forms of repression and manipulation to stop change.  But the resistance has begun and, although it may be temporarily beaten back, I believe that we have perhaps seen a turning point for the better.

People of the U.S. and the world have only two choices.  They can sit by and do nothing and become debt slaves to a globalized system or they can resist with a program of corrective demands that can restore sovereignty, sustainability and freedom.


Don Nordin, Lumby