Unbearable idea

Idea of swapping national symbol, the beaver, for a polar bear lacks merit

Dear Senator: Your proposal to switch our national animal the beaver for a polar bear lacks merit.

The English language includes such phrases as

– busy as a beaver and

– beavering away

Is it not a positive creature for us to compare ourselves to?

Are we not industrious and forthright as Canadians?

If you or other senators have trouble filling your working days, there are a myriad of concerns to be tackled.

1.  850,000 Canadians are now using the services of food banks.

I have lived here in Cherryville  for eight years now, and in the last 12 months, a new food bank and now a thrift shop have sprung up to meet families’ needs.

It is clear to me that thrift stores are now a growing industry. Perhaps you and your colleagues could research the root causes  and attempt some solutions to a growing issue.

2.  Twenty-plus years ago, various governments decided to close as many mental institutions as possible to save money. It was thought that as long as those who needed medication stayed on it, they could integrate into the community just fine.

Today, we have such areas as the Downtown Eastside in Vancouver, and the prisons are full of such unfortunates.

I would suggest that some political will applied to such issues in Canada would be far more deserving of your energy than swapping a beaver for a bear.


Donna Whitta. Cherryville