Unfortunate placement

In letters to the editor in The Morning Star (March 2) there was a letter by me featured next to a sign saying, “Take your prison and shove it.”

I find it unfortunate that my letter and name were combined with that particular sign. As one of the concerned citizens of Lumby and area, I am proud to say we’ve relied on research, sound arguments and logic rather than on aggressive statements.

As well, during the Green Party nomination meetings, many members were surprised to see their past candidate resort to that kind of language.

I’m sure harm was not intentional. The sign did have shock value and certainly attracted attention.

However, harm was done because association was implied. Would you consider helping dispel this association by publishing a short article on what Lumby Concerned Citizens has done so far?

I feel this would show people that we have done due diligence in a respectful and legal way since the beginning.

This is not coming through to many residents who think we are impolite (thanks to signs they see), complaining rather than going to council (not true- we have presented to council) and fear mongering (also not true. All safety issues we brought out aresubstantiated).

Huguette Allen