United Way

Organization expresses concerns about reports of door-to-door scams

Further to the reported scam that was committed in the North Okanagan in the name of United Way. I would like to offer a few words of clarification.

We sincerely regret that these individuals took advantage of some generous donors who were fraudulently led to believe that the door-to-door campaign was a legitimate fundraising activity for our United Way.

This United Way has been supporting our region for more than 50 years, and is currently funding 28 community partners.

We do not canvass door-to-door and strive to offer secure methods for our donors to support us.

These safe options include pledges at your workplace, a cheque in the mail, online at www.unitedwaynocs.com or by calling our office to give by credit card.

The people who have been scammed will eventually, after an investigation, be reimbursed by their banks as this is definitely a case of fraud. It does, however, cause them stress and hardship in the meantime.

United Way is not held liable for these funds. Sadly, it’s our reputation that is the other victim in this crime.

Thank you for all of the concern and well wishes that have been expressed and we mirror these thoughts to those individuals who have been harmed by this fraudulent act.

Linda Yule,

Executive director,

United Way