Vernon city hall

Resident questions the spending priorities among politicians

I think we need a new award just for city councils, and the upper echelon who control them.

It should be called the, “What the hell were you thinking award.”

We have a runaway city council that tries to support some of the most ridiculous projects I have seen anywhere in this country.

Here’s my list of Vernon’s what were you thinking list.

1. The overpass to divert big truck traffic from using 27th Street and make it safer for the three schools and residents on that road, which included the Hospital Hill traffic circle for Highway 6 traffic.

2. A cycle path on 43rd Street, a major road intersecting Highway 97.

3. A postage stamp-size performing arts centre stuck in the corner of the recreation complex parking lot. A proper, full-size facility should have been built in the Civic Arena location

4. A tourist information centre hidden away in a back lane off 39th Avenue.

5. What happened to the Vernon bypass that was supposed to go over the Commonage in case we had a major disaster on Hospital Hill?

6. Borrowing $7.5 million for a running track for who to use.

7. Now they want to borrow $13 million to expand Kal Tire Place in the parking lot. So where do they park cars when they build on the parking lot?

I for one am tired of pay, pay, pay for their dumb ideas and whims. You bet I am and so should you.

Now, would I support something to create employment for the local people? Duh.

Where do our kids work when they leave school? Oh yah, head north young man, head north.

What about the fathers who would like to stay home and work, instead of the oil patch?

I really hope this letter promotes some discussion. I for one am really tired of self-serving members of our community wanting frivolous stuff and expecting me to pay for it.

No we don’t need more ice rinks. We need jobs and a tax base to pay for the stuff we already have.

Paul Elmont