VJH parking

Resident upset with parking meter process after experience at the hospital

In reply to Barb Chapman, I recently had to visit the hospital because my toe was in need of treatment and was extremely sore and bleeding. In vain, I tried to get a ticket. I tried four times with my credit card and no ticket.

Then I had to run around the hospital looking for the change machine in extreme pain all while hoping I did not miss my turn to go in. I put in the cash and guess what, no ticket. Another person was at the meter and was also having problems. I was just about to walk away and the machine spits out a ticket. Unbelievable.

I then proceeded back into the hospital. I had missed my turn and a nice man who was also waiting mentioned they had called my name and I could go in. I received excellent care inside the hospital and was out in 30 minutes.

A few weeks later, I received my credit card bill and had been billed three times for the same parking ticket. I called them up and of course they made it out as my fault. The woman on the end of the phone said I had to give the machine more time, so it’s not the machine, it’s myself and all of the other people who are the cause of the problem. She did refund two of the three charges even though I did pay four times. It was the pain and frustration I will remember most.

My advice is to park far away from the hospital on a residential street even though it is farther away. You will do less walking in the end and save money.


Stuart Plant