Vote no

Resident concerned sports facility will be built no matter the referendum results

I am wondering why we are having a referendum asking whether or not we want to borrow $7.5 million dollars to build a new sports complex on Okanagan College property.

The real question should be, “Do you want a new sports park built at Okanagan College or another location?”

I believe that no matter whether the referendum comes out as no or not, they will build the park anyway.

Look what happened to residents of Coldstream a few years ago when we voted no to borrowing money to build a new municipal building. They went ahead and built it anyway and raised our taxes to cover the cost.

I live in the area of the college and the last thing we need in our quiet area is a noisy sports park and all of the traffic that goes with it.

It may end up like Polson Park with all  of the drugs and people who do drugs and whatever else there is, moving here.

What is the matter with the sports complex being built at Marshall Field?

There is lots of room for a place this size plus probably have room left over for some grass soccer fields.

Vote no April 6 and see what happens after the results come in.

Wayne Bennett