Voted down

Writer points out the HST was defeated in a very democratic process

I am sorry but I take offence to the letter, “A very taxing situation”

The HST was voted down by a majority by a very democratic process.  All the very reasons my family attends the Remembrance Day ceremonies each and every year and keep our poppies in the visors of our cars and two on our fridge year round so we don’t forget why our lives are so great.

I personally don’t forget that during campaigning for the last provincial election, none of the candidates had any idea about any such implementation of the HST. I don’t forget how the provincial government chose to give all MLAs and premier a sweet raise. I don’t forget the implementation of the carbon tax. I can go, on but perhaps enough is enough.

I have spent numerous hours parenting my children on the importance of always telling the truth and making your word good.  Well right from the campaigning through to today, we have been misled by our ruling provincial government. I find that distasteful and not worthy of my trust.

The government, while campaigning for election, had no knowledge on the implementation of the HST, yet they implemented it almost overnight upon a majority government.  When the HST is defeated by democracy, our ruling government instantly has all kinds of numbers in the dollar value, and job loss value that they can easily quote – yet they knew nothing about it!  Their advertising to save the HST with our tax dollars stated, “the HST will cost the average B.C. family $350 a year. They wouldn’t let me write them a cheque for that amount and exempt me and my family from the HST for 12 months. Raise my provincial tax $350 a year and call it square.  It will take two years to withdraw because it is so complicated. I don’t know about you but it is usually harder to assemble than disassemble. The newly appointed premier was going to allow democracy to choose the people’s mandate this fall but she got scared. Since we have no clue how to understand her and the ruling party’s views on HST, how can we understand politics and chance a vote?

Please do not take your frustrations out on democracy, take them out where they belong. This “Liberal Party” that I voted for is as close to the un-democracy party as I have ever seen in our country.  We the people stimulate the economy and not the government.  The people need money in their pockets to spend and enjoy rather than being put to stadium roofs, Olympics etc. without our democratic consent. Power to the people.

Craig Gaylard