Voters must get involved

Resident urges voters to get involved, ask questions and make the city accountable

I would ask the candidates that have held office before, what did you do to make Vernon a better place? What should you have done? Why did  you let the logic and common sense disappear?

The staff that held a workshop for walking trails and bike paths watched people dance at the Schubert Centre instead of discussing the issues with the four or five people that attended. It’s the same department  that told us we ran out of money on 20th Street, sorry about that.

On Allenby Way, a main road connecting Bella Vista Road and 25th Avenue, service vehicles, moving vans and even city trucks  all  park on the sidewalk.

How many years have been wasted  on Civic Arena? Every department has a different opinion and dollar amounts that vary. Now you will spend $75,000, which will keep it going to 2017. At day’s end, what do we have, nothing. How many consulting firms have been hired and nothing happens?

Public input meetings are held with the decision already made, i.e. the tourist booth.. Increased parking fees and then you  wonder why revenue is down. Who dropped the ball in not buying the property next to the race track?

Maybe we have too many departments. There is excess baggage in city staff, all trying to keep their jobs. I wouldn’t mind the money these people make if I could get some value that really counted.

To the new candidates, what will you do? It was J.F.K. that said, “It’s not what my country can do for me, but what I can do for my country.” In our Vernon case, council debate erupts over election signs. It’s OK to break the law for the candidates  but not for us. That would be classed as a me thing, not a good start.

To the voters, get involved, ask questions and make the city accountable. Voice your opinion. Think about where Vernon is headed.  Above all, vote and with any luck, logic and common sense will return.

The Regional District of North Okanagan could also use some common sense and logic.


Rose Pollock