Voting Stigma

I believe that the stigma that surrounds us 'non-voters' is very convoluted

I feel I need to express my opinion in response to Noel Tyler’s letter in The Morning Star. I will not claim to know why such a high number of eligible voters do not vote, but I do however know very well, why I, an eligible voter, does not vote…anymore. And I believe that the stigma that surrounds us ‘non-voters’ is very convoluted.

Many people claim that we are the first to cry about decisions made in cabinet when we never took the time to go put in our say-so. I don’t think this is true, I know personally, I pay no mind to matters of politics.

When I had in the past, I was always disappointed and eventually learned to turn my interest in such matters off. I also believe that if I choose not to vote, then my opinion on politics is probably unsolicited. In the past though, I was disappointed so often and had waited so long to see some of these political ‘promises’ come to life, and none ever did.

Highlight of all of this is that it is a choice. I choose not to vote; I have no faith in the system or the elected officials, therefore I keep my vote out of matters I have no belief in.

My already fragile view of the system would be further shattered if I was ever forced to vote.

Voter or not; we should all be entitled to our own choices.

Cathy Widmark, Vernon