Wage inequity

Resident concerned about the level of pay received by municipal workers

It has been my opinion for some time that the wages earned by employees of our municipality and our government seriously reflect a lack of priority.

In the City of Vernon and in B.C., a municipally employed custodian or receptionist exceeds the wages of an entry level licensed practical nurse.

I’ll point out that a licensed practical nurse cares for your sick, dying and injured family.

An LPN is a licensed, regulated, educated and professional individual. A custodian or receptionist doesn’t care for your family as a LPN does.

If an LPN is unhappy with wages, benefits etc., an LPN is not going to walk off the job with their union to have their voices heard.

These are only a couple points raised regarding the matter.

Our government and our communities have some serious priority issues in this matter.


Wes Smith