Wake up

Resident expresses concerns about motorists not stopping at crosswalks

On Sept. 18 at about 4:30 p.m, I attempted to cross 48th Avenue at 25th Street in a clearly marked and defined crosswalk. I counted 17 — yes 17 — vehicles that made absolutely no attempt to stop and let me cross. One lady even waved at me when I was standing there waving my cane at people trying to get their attention. Open your eyes people. When you see someone standing waiting to cross at a marked crosswalk, you are required by law to stop. It isn’t that hard to do and it doesn’t take that much of your precious time either.

Finally, a gentleman in a white pickup truck did stop. Thank you sir and others finally noticed that I wanted to cross the road. Duh, I wasn’t standing there for my health people. I had places to go.

Are people here in Vernon so full of themselves that they can’t take the 30 seconds or a minute out of their day to let someone cross the road?

Yes, I drive my car almost everywhere I go, but had dropped off my car for service and was walking to another destination.

I know for some people it has been a while since they read a driving manual, but some things don’t change and you just remember as being the right thing to do, like stopping for a pedestrian in a marked crosswalk.


Lorna Young