Waste of money

Resident provides his thoughts on the Stickle Road issue

I’m new in the area. From what one my neighbours tells me, this Stickle Road issue is not new.

It seems nobody in charge wants to take the bull by the horns and settle it once and for all. This light doesn’t just affect Stickle Road residents but everybody that travels that way will have to stop. You cannot just put a left-turn only light, because the people who are proceeding west into Vernon will be speeding down the roadway over the speed limit as usual, and they will be forced to move to the right.

Some might not and maybe an accident will occur because nobody will respectful of the driver coming from the left. That means you politicians have not solved the problem.

So it comes down to two ways to fix this as stated, put a no left-turn on to Highway 97 or you will have put in a new intersection which will have lights affecting both west and east traffic and the traffic coming off of this very short road will finally be able get on 97 without traffic going west interfering.

The amount of traffic that comes down Stickle Road is very little compared to what flies down Highway 97.

The idea of spending all of that money for the small amount of traffic does not make sense, but then again we have a problem with using common sense.

So I say, you should force the people to use a parallel road and go up to 48th Avenue and then into town. One way or another, you are going get to  27th Street or Highway 97. As I said before, this doesn’t just affect people coming down Stickle road. So why cause traffic to come to a complete stop for a few cars?

This is what you call impeding traffic flow on fast-moving cars. Because as soon as you do put in the new lights, someone else will apply for a new intersection with lights once again interfering with traffic flow.

So all of the people who have the power solve this problem, do what’s best for all of the traffic that flies down Highway 97 way over the speed limit.

Robert Slomen