Water bottles

Parks and facilities thirsting for water fountains

I just wanted to respond to John Challinor’s letter about water bottles VS fountains in parks and recreational facilities.

I absolutely see where you are coming from.

As a mother of a special needs daughter and a caregiver that works with children every day, I am always going to the parks for fun and exercise.

Whether I am at work or with my daughter, we always bring along our water bottles.

We, as most people do, spend a long time outside at the park and soon find our water bottles empty.

As of right now, we cannot refill our water bottles because there is nowhere to fill them up, so that means we have to go back even if the fun and games are not over.

We always pack our bottles back home or to the centre because there are no recycling bins to put our bottles in, only garbage bins.   Eventually  all of our bottles end up back at the bottle depot not the dump.

But it is a great inconvenience to me and the children I care for that there is no fountains in which to replenish ourselves.

I would spend more time taking them more places if I knew there would be no problem in finding water for them so they do not dehydrate.

Having a fountain in a park or near a beach for people to replenish themselves using either reusable bottles or plastic ones is a good thing for our environment and us not a bad thing. I try to teach sharing and co-operation to the children I care for.

This would be a good example of companies and townships and cities sharing a common goal together.


Lisa Patterson, Vernon