Water consumption

Resident questions elected officials over water and development policies

I find it rather frightening that local politicians are urging us to reduce water consumption and at the same time, condoning further development.

It is not rocket science to figure out that the more homes and complexes that are developed, the more water it takes to service them.

There is great concern worldwide about the rapidly declining availability of clean drinking water. There are multinational corporations buying up fresh water resources for their profit.

The oil sands use enormous amounts of clean water to extract the oil. The southern U.S. is critically short of potable water and it is looking north for solutions. Problems abound worldwide.

To read that our local politicians are urging us to reduce consumption while allowing further growth is ludicrous.

I agree that we all should conserve water and there are many ways of doing this.

Local politicians could help by reducing further development.

Bigger is not necessarily better.


David Henn