Water costs

Resident takes aim at those who are raising opposition to the water utility

This is in response to Jim Bodkin’s letter Feb. 3, Fiscal water woes continue to drip.

Water costs are going up. This is because we still need to complete water system improvements, except now we can’t borrow the funds over a longer term to help stave off further negative impact to ratepayers, because the majority voted no to a long-term borrowing referendum.

Instead, we must proceed on a cash-basis or via short-term borrowing, which requires rates to be hiked.

If we had built the filter on the Duteau plant initially, as it was always intended to be, it would have been millions of dollars cheaper.

Adding the filter is still the least expensive way to bring our water into compliance with provincial standards.

Politicians, and especially, Coldstream’s Gyula Kiss, may be blamed directly for all this feet dragging. Mr. Kiss ought to take personal responsibility for the increase in rates, as the plans he proposes are the most costly of all.

I’ve spent many years examining the history of our water system, the reality of our current system and plans for the future. Water is a very complicated issue with many different aspects that most of our politicians don’t seem to wish to bring forward for our consideration.

Mr. Bodkin’s letter is yet another blatant attempt to foment distrust and anger towards our Greater Vernon water utility. I for one, don’t buy it.

Inge Friesen