Water management is vital to area

Resident calls for more information on the master water plan

My youngest sister, who I suspect is a lot smarter than I, once defined home ownership as, “Water and its management.” If this management task is done well, then one of the potential headaches of owning our little piece of heaven is eliminated. If neglected?  Well then please pass the Tylenol.

Most of us urban dwellers have a limited understanding of how the water that flows so readily and conveniently from our faucets gets there.

We can reflect vaguely about some big body of water, and some pipes and maybe a treatment plant but as to listing the details involved in assuring a safe and renewable supply of water most of us would draw a blank. We are, however, very aware of the cost of this service to us personally and these costs seem to be on the rise.

We will face a referendum question in the fall involving the initial borrowing of $70 million to begin the infrastructure of the Greater Vernon master plan.

We will be assured by professional engineers and by most politicians that we should vote yes; and that may well be the way to go, but I fear the referendum question will be answered by the general public considering only the magnitude of the numbers and not from having a clear understanding of the pros and cons of the plan.

We need clear reasons and clear language from those who know and understand the issues and processes best. I understand that someone has prepared 200 questions with answers. Such information could prove very useful. It may be a lot to ask but wouldn’t it be great if we voted on this issue from a position of understanding rather than one of emotion. No matter what class of water user we are we are all in this decision together. It is like we are living in one house when it comes to water.

Greater Vernon may well be defined someday by water and its management. Let us hope in that day, such a definition will be a compliment.


Shawn Lee