Water meters

Resident upset with the regional district's meter replacement fee

I read recently in The Morning Star about a Greater Vernon water meter replacement fee being considered.

We received a letter July 26, 2004 from Greater Vernon Water saying that a new program was being implemented to have the water consumption of all domestic customers metered by the end of 2004.

Well, we complied and had one installed. We paid $87 plus the cost of a contractor to install it and then have it inspected by a GVW representative.

Why is the Greater Vernon Advisory Committee then going to charge us a new fee of $8 per quarter?

Why not charge the residents who do not have water meters this cost?

They are the ones that never paid for meters in the first place. GVW said in its Frequently Asked Questions sheet from 2004 that it was unfair for those users to now pay for other people’s meters.

It is unfair for the people that had meters installed in 2004 to now pay this new fee.

It will be $32 extra per year as well as whatever increase to the water system in 2016.

Heather Hopson