Water plan prediction

Resident expresses concerns about GVAC's water plan process

Please allow me to air my somewhat cynical views on the water plan committee.

First off, I wish to personally thank the individuals from the Citizens for Change to the Master Water Plan for the unpaid work that they are doing on behalf of all Vernon residents and taxpayers. We owe each of you a debt of gratitude.

Secondly I would like to caution all Vernon residents not to be fooled by the Greater Vernon Advisory Committee’s call to form a committee on this matter that has been going around for years now. One of the standard modus operandi of politicians when they are faced with a strong grassroots movement is to stall out that movement any way they can.

Do we need a committee to tell us that Mother Nature has graciously supplied us with two huge reservoirs called Kalamalka and Okanagan lakes?

Do we need a committee to tell us that every single day, millions of gallons of unused fresh water flows from our lakes, rivers and streams into the ocean?

Here is my cynical prognosis on the water committee.

The GVAC will stack the committee with compliant members.  The committee will then take several months mulling the obvious facts in hopes that the grass roots movement will just die a natural death.

In the end, because this committee will have the illusionary appearance of legitimacy, the committee will agree to a few minor changes from the failed referendum, which the committee will try to sell to the public as great compromises.

In the end they will pass, without referendum, almost the exact same $70 million master water plan that the public rejected (Just like we ended up with a multi-million-dollar library, in an electronic book age, which had been voted down in referendum).

Of course, we all know, just like the running track, that the $70 million will end up at $80, $90 or $100 million or more, but of course once started, it will be too late to reverse.

And the politicians will have a couple of years or so in their new four-year terms to divert the public’s anger away from their unpopular decisions.

I hope I never have to say I told you so.

M.C.R. Krien