Water plan

Resident has several concerns about the upcoming $70 million water referendum

I have several concerns about the upcoming $70 million water referendum for Greater Vernon.

A recent letter writer implied that to depart from the wisdom of the master water plan would be to start from scratch in relation to considering another water source such as Okanagan Lake. Why would this involve starting from scratch? You would not be closing down both Duteau and Kalamalka Lake sources. Is there not an opportunity to look at this again, and consider piping water from Okanagan Lake to a treatment facility?

Who, if anyone has been trying to secure federal and provincial funding for such a large undertaking? In past years, a project of this magnitude would have qualified for one-third capital cost funding from each of the two senior governments, thus reducing the financial burden on the local taxpayers. Is there any possibility of this happening?

Has a senior official in Interior Health ever confirmed in writing what minimum requirements must be met to comply with Canadian drinking water standards, and if so, what are those requirements?

Lastly, how many of the candidates running for office in Vernon and Coldstream are getting behind this referendum to ensure it is approved? All of them, some of them or none at all?

If more information is not forthcoming to address some of these points, I will not be supporting the water referendum Nov. 15.


Rod Drennan