Water rates defended

Resident makes the case for the current levies for water use

I feel the need to respond to all of the negativity in regards to all the high water bills.

We own just over an acre of land in Lavington. I decided to add up our bills for the past year, including the one I just paid. I did the math, divided it by 365, and came up with $1.41 per day. That’s not too bad, less than a cup of coffee in any restaurant in town or a plastic bottle of water from your local gas station.

Our neighbours will probably say, “But there are only two people living there.” True, but we have a fair amount of company throughout the year.

Three weeks of company at Christmas with showers every day and the dishwasher running every day and sometimes twice a day. We will be seeing seven family members arriving this weekend. Again, showers, toilets, etc.

We put in drought-resistant plants which are absolutely beautiful, the grass not so much, and that’s OK.

Our gas and electrical bills are always going up, and yet more people complain about water than they do about them. We can go without gas and electricity if we have to, but we cannot survive without water.

Pat Scherck