Water woes continue to drip

Resident concerned with the growing cost of water in Greater Vernon

Recently in The Morning Star, I read with interest that GVAC is considering yet another two per cent increase to our already exorbitant water rates next year.

No doubt it will be applied to the base rate so that we have no choice but to pay it. The excuse this time is inflation. I wonder what the excuse will be for 2017?

Then, a couple of days later, it was reported that RDNO has proposed an $8 per quarter charge for changing meters. That will be another $32 per year per household. That is a four per cent increase. Add them together and that is a six per cent increase next year to our water rates. When is it going to stop?

The citizens of Greater Vernon are being held hostage in a catch-22 scheme with our water rates. The rate goes up each year, so people use less water in a misguided attempt to keep their bills reasonable. July and August arrive, and RDNO says, “Conserve water,” and as good citizens, we use even less, even though it is totally unnecessary because we have lots of water here.

RDNO then counts its revenue after the third quarter and says, “Wait. We didn’t make enough money to service the debt the Duteau Creek plant has given us. We need to raise the rate again.”

Citizens of Vernon and Coldstream, do you not see the ongoing problem here?

This nonsense and mismanagement will continue until the citizens speak up and let GVAC and RDNO we aren’t going to take it anymore.

Our elected officials – mayors, councillors and members of GVAC – have got to start paying attention to the members of the public who voted them into office, and start working for our good, instead of the good of RDNO.

Please write letters to The Morning Star, mayors Akbal Mund and Jim Garlick, the councillors of Coldstream and Vernon, the chairperson and vice-chairperson of GVAC (Juliette Cunningham and Jim Garlick) and anyone else that you can think of.

Let them know that you are not pleased with these totally unnecessary increases.

We do have options for cheaper and more sustainable water sources than Duteau Creek, and should be developing them instead of pouring more money down the drain.

Until the people speak up and complain nothing is going to change.


Kathleen Cameron